About Us

Welcome to This Got Personal

Thanks for visiting our store. This Got Personal, rude, crude with some gifts to get you in the mood. We're all about freedom of speech, where anything goes. With novelty gifts and candles that blow. To be explicit and offensive, with no intention to offend. Bringing you laughter that we will send. Our gifts are aimed to please and shock So please blame the messenger and not the shop.

FYI: We are a husband & wife team who originally set up our other shop Beanobox, as part of growing that we started to design and handmake other gifts that were rude & sweary. Always popular, but looked out of place - so we have rebranded allowing you naughty lot a fun space to browse. We are passionate about providing humour in any way possible. We hope you also see the funny side too...... and for those on the fence, IT'S ONLY WORDS!